Strategic Sector Cooperations

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Sharing knowledge and expertise

Together with Aarhus Municipality, Aarhus Vand take part in three Strategic Sector Cooperations. Through these cooperations we share our knowledge and expertise to contribute to sustainable development in areas that have major challenges with water management.

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Cooperation for the Sustainable Development Goals

If the UN’s Global Goal no. 6—Clean drinking water and sanitation for everyone in 2030—is to be achieved, extraordinary efforts are required along with new types of cooperation. We contribute to achieving this through strong international partnerships in accordance with Global Goal no. 17— for the benefit of the people we help all over the world; the local companies, who have a lot of technology to offer the water sector; and our employees, who draw inspiration and new knowledge through international cooperation.

This is the reason why we take part in international partnerships with the authorities in the cities of Udaipur in India, Tshwane in South Africa and Tema in Ghana.

Package solutions

Through the cooperation with Udaipur in India, Tshwane in South Africa and Tema in Ghana, we present the local authorities with package solutions for efficient and sustainable supply of water with minimal water loss, a reliable sewage system and wastewater treatment including resource utilisation. The solutions may point to technology made in Denmark as well as knowhow, which may help companies in eastern Jutland gain a footing in new markets.

Partnerships are key to solving the global water challenges - World Water Congress 2022


Strategic Sector Cooperation in Udaipur, India

Since 2017, we have been involved in the cooperations in Udaipur in India , where we cooperate with the local water supplier, sharing our knowledge about reducing water loss within the drinking water supply. This is a high priority in the city, as the water loss is high and the water resources are becoming increasingly scarce. We are also involved in the production of energy as well as the process optimization of the local wastewater treatment plant.

Strategic Sector Cooperation in Tshwane, South Africa

South Africa is a country with shortage of water as well as a high unemployment rate. Every day, the Municipality in Tshwane lose water worth of approx. 2.5 million Rand per day due to leakages in the system. Therefore, we are working with them to reduce water loss as well as with their investment economy and unemployment rate. By leakage search and improvements in their reparations, we want to help them minimize the water loss while also creating more jobs.
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Strategic Sector Cooperation in Tema, Ghana

Together with Aarhus Municipality, we initiated a third Strategic Sector Cooperation in Ghana in 2019. It was established in Tema, a harbour city with a population of approximately 161,612 people, where the cooperation is focused on improving wastewater treatment. In collaboration with Ghana Water Company, we are also working to reduce water loss within the city’s drinking water system in order to minimise the global water loss.