Published: 31. May 2023

Utilizero - reducing carbon emissions and energy usage

Marselisborg Renseanlæg

The new company Utilizero is a partnership between Aarhus Vand and DHI. It has been established to help utilities reduce carbon emissions and energy usage at wastewater treatment facilities from the solid experiences and solutions for automated process management, we have here in Denmark.

Adjusting to more climate neutral solutions

Through this company, Aarhus Vand and DHI will help utilities all over the world to adjust to more climate neutral solutions such as automated cleaning processes. By using digital process management and optimizing the operation, the utilities will be able to reduce their energy usage by up to 30 percent. This will also limit the emissions of carbon and chemicals. The company is established in Denmark but is focusing on helping wastewater businesses overseas.

The solutions

The solutions offered through Utilizero builts on DHI's software technologies and Aarhus Vand's experiences with digital transformation of cleaning processes and process optimization. For many years, we have had a cooperation with DHI, which has resulted in positive attention within the business - both nationally and internationally. This new company supports the joint goal of speeding up the transition into green solutions, globally, within the sector.

Aarhus Vand has through many years of close cooperation with DHI gathered experiences and developed solutions that contributes significantly to making the water sector climate neutral. It is our vision to cooperate across the entire business so we can draw on different strengths in relation to the green, digital development and this is highly demonstrated with the company, Utilizero.
- Lars Schrøder, CEO Aarhus Vand

About DHI A/S

DHI A/S is a global digital consulting business with headquarter in Hørsholm, Denmark. DHi A/S was established in 1964 and employs more than 1,000 employees globally. Its ambition is to advance the sustainable development of the earth's water resources based on digital counseling for decision makers within the water sector. DHI A/S is approved as a technological service institute (GTS) by the Ministry of Research and Education and is a part of the GTS-network.

We know that an increasing use of automation and digitalization makes a significant difference for the joint climate footprint of the wastewater sector and, therefore, we have an important task of pushing the digital development across the Danish borders, where things are not moving as fast as in Denmark. DHI is working intensely on developing innovative solutions and Aarhus Vand is a strong example of the difference a forward looking and digital approach to the operation can make for the company's climate footprint.
- Mette Vestergaard. CEO DHI

The future

A report made by DHI for the trade organisation DI Vand further shows that the export of Danish water technology and solutions can make significant energy savings and CO2 reductions within the global wastewater sector. If Danish water technology and solutions is implemented globally, the saved CO2 emissions from both existing and new wastewater treatment facilities will globally correspond to nothing less than seven times the Danish carbon emissions in 2020.

When we visit utilities around the world, we see a need for thinking the water utilities into an energy neutral agenda as we do in Denmark. The global water market needs the Danish competencies in a cross field of technologuý and operational experience. Utilizero remedies this exact need and we have gained yet another tool to solving the global climate crisis.
- Jakob Andersen, consul general in Hamborg and initiator of the establishment of WTA

Further information about Utilizero

Contact Annette Mystek, DHI Global People & Communication at +45 2088 7770 or read more about the company and the intention at