Published: 06. Jul 2021

Zediment - drone-based scannings of reservoirs


The company Zediment delivers drone-based scannings of the capacity of reservoirs at wastewater treatment plants and in stormwater basins. This solution is the first of its kind and can save the water utility huge operational costs.

The rising population in primarily the bigger cities requires extra capacity at the water utilities. Therefore, it is important to be able to use the existing facilities' full capacity.

Zediment makes sedimentation readings that very precisely measure the actual capacity in the facilities' basins. This can save the utilities operational costs in terms of less energy usage at wastewater treatments as well as a more targeted cleaning effort in reservoirs and stormwater basins.

The result is a larger capacity as well as lower energy consumption which is better for the environment as the environmental impact from flooding or bottom upheavel is decreased.

At Aarhus Vand, we see it as a valuable factor to combine our expert knowledge with the newest technology in order to be able to optimize the processes at our facilities on an on-going basis.
- Mads Bayer, CFO at Aarhus Vand and chairman of the board at Zediment

Huge value for the entire water sector

The solution, Zediment offers water companies and other operators of the water sector, has not been seen before within this sector. However, the benefits are enough to ensure that Zediment is already rising in the market. The solutions creates value for the water sector by:

Ensuring operational cost savings.

  • Optimization of the operations and targeted cleaning will reduce the companies' costs. The detailed and accurate reports and 3D models is delivered at a price that is easily earned again through operational cost savings.

Decreasing the environmental impact.

  • To ensure that wastewater is not lead out into the environment before it has been cleaned, the water companies have the need for optimizing their operations, ensuring optimal cleaning processes, establishing sufficient buffer capacity to high impact areas as well as plan in terms of known impact increasings. 

Becoming a part of the future's water sector.

  • The technological transformation of the water sector will increase the need for high precision data for process models and other digital tools.

Supporting sustainability.

  • Handling of wastewater is under huge pressure as the population is increasing and a massive movement from land to city is happening. There is a need for water companies all around the world making an effort to achieve the UN's Sustainable Development Goals regarding e.g., clean water, sustainable cities and the life under water.

The mission of Zediment is to make water companies capable of optimizing their business through knowledge about their actual, accessible capacity in order for them to adjust their operations to these data.

Zediment Regnvandsbassin

Synergy between two innovative businesses created Zediment

The cooperation between Aarhus Vand and EIVA has been made through a pilot project about the implementation of robot technology at wastewater treatment facilities. Aarhus Vand owns 39 %, while EIVA owns 61 % of the company.

  • EIVA specializes in technological solutions, which gives their customers 'eyes under water'. With over 40 years of expertise wihtin the field of software and hardware to measuring the bottom of the sea, EIVA developed a special product to measuring of wastewater treatment facilities and stormwater basins based on the advanced technology within sailing drones and scannings both above and under the water seal.
  • Aarhus Vand is a leading water company with experience in using innovative solutions at their facilities. This field expertise contributed to ensuring that the solution was optimally adjusted to the water utilities' needs.
The cooperation between EIVA and Aarhus Vand has made solutions, that introduces a new technology within the water sector, possible.
- Jeppe Nielsen, CEO at EIVA and CEO at Zediment.

You can read more about Zediment on their website.

The website is in Danish, however, there are videos of the technology and scannings.