Published: 04. Jun 2024

Leak detection field

Lækagebane Med Model

Aarhus Vand is establishing a leak detection field. Future water operators can train and become educated in finding leaks in water pipes. The field also works as a test and demonstration of Danish water technology.

Aarhus Vand is constructing a leak detection field situated at the Business Academy Aarhus in Viby J as a part of Water Living Lab.

The purpose of the field is training and educating in finding leaks in water pipes. The future's national and international water operators will be met with all the challenges that reality also can offer regarding leak detection.

All real-world challenges are copied

Thus, small "pitfalls" have been installed in the form of leaks of different sizes and locations. The leak detection field is covered with both grass, gravel, asphalt and tiles. Water pipes of different materials are also used. So, the challenges in finding a leak will vary. And, therefore operators in the water supply industry with different experience can use the field.

In the real world, we do not always know where the water pipe is located. That is why the field is constructed so that you also get training in identifying the location of the water pipe. We hope that national and international operators can use the field and become better at finding leaks and therefore reduce water loss.

Who can use the field?

Aarhus Vand, of course, wants to use the field ourselves to improve our employees in leak detection. Moreover, it will also be possible for other suppliers, educational institutions and businesses to use the field.

The concept for the field can be used internationally

The design and concept can also be used other places. Aarhus Vand is currently construction a leak detection field in Ghana by Ghana Water Institute, which teaches people to detect leaks in all of Ghana. Here, the water loss is around 50% and that is why the prospect for training is great.

The leak detection field contains Danish water technology

Underground there are materials from AVK, Kamstrup and Grundfos. Moreover, the app HeyPipe, which is used for documentation of infrastructure, is also a part of the leak detection field. This way, the field also serves as a demonstration of Danish Water technology.

The leak detection field is developed together with:

  • AVK
  • Kamstrup
  • Grundfos
  • HeyPipe
  • Water Valley Denmark
  • Aarhus Municipal
Christian Schou HR

Christian Schou

Chief Project Manager Living Labs

Inge Borre Haupt HR

Inge Borre Haupt

Project leader on leak detection field