Published: 31. May 2024

Ghana reduces water losses through cooperation with Aarhus Vand

Drikkevand Ghana Tema

In 2019, together with Aarhus Municipality, we initiated a project to create improvements in the water area in the Ghanaian port city of Tema. The cooperation aims to ensure better handling of wastewater and reduction of water losses for the benefit of health and the environment.

In a pilot area in Tema at the Atlantic coast, Aarhus Vand has contributed with knowledge about wastewater management and water supply since 2019. The city of Tema has approx. 160,000 inhabitants and is a growing city. Like other cities in Ghana, there is no 24/7 supply of water. Water is primarily extracted from the Accra River and the underground.

The overall objectives of the collaboration are:

  • Reduction of water losses
  • Development of a better wastewater system

Improved wastewater handling

The project in Ghana is about developing a better wastewater system for the benefit of the people of Tema. The city, like many others in the country, has inadequate management, which means that a large part of the wastewater is discharged directly into the sea. This results in a mixture of wastewater and rainwater overflowing into the streets during cloudbursts. And this causes cholera outbreaks and diarrhea.

Less water losses

In addition, we also collaborate with Ghana Water Company Ltd. about reducing water  in the drinking water system and building a robust organization that can handle operation and maintenance of their water and wastewater facilities.

Water loss reduced by 8%

In the city of Tema, the water loss is approx. 52% of the water leaves the waterworks until it reaches consumers. The cause of water loss is both leaks on water lines, illegal connections to the water system and people who receive water without being invoiced.

We have focused on leaks on water pipes. Previously, there was no active effort in Tema to find leakages. Therefore, we have passed on methods and technology to find leaks. The benefit has been that Ghana Water's employees in Tema now proactively find and repair leaks.

Knowledge sharing should increase the quality of pipe repair

At the same time, it is not unusual for pipes to break in the same places again and again, because the quality of both the materials and the work done is insufficient.

In 2023, Ghana Water Company went to Denmark to see our warehouse and workshop, and learn more about material quality and pipeline work.

A second phase of the collaboration until 2027, will focus on digitization and how we can scale our efforts so that water loss can be reduced throughout Ghana. In addition, we will also work with the quality of welding and share our knowhow on replacement of pipes and quality of materials used to renew the water system.

The project is fully financed via DANIDA Strategic Sector Cooperation. The project is realized in collaboration with Aarhus Municipality.

The project is fully financed via DANIDA Strategic Sector Cooperation. The project is realized in collaboration with Aarhus Municipality

Flemming Fogh Pedersen Web

Project Manager

Director, Globalisation

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