Published: 02. Jan 2023

Company profile

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Our purpose is to create health through clean water - for the people and the planet. This page explains our vision and strategy for the future.


The vision of Aarhus Vand is to create a national platform as a driver for local and global solutions for a healthier water cycle. We want to help get access to clean water for everyone - both nationally and globally.


In Aarhus Vand, we work with a we-feeling, responsibility, innovation and dialogue - more commonly known as our 'water values'.

Strategy 2025

Aarhus Vand’s business strategy towards 2025 is a further development of our strategy 2020 which, over the past 10 years, has turned Aarhus Vand into one of the leading companies in Denmark. The 2025 strategy will improve our capability for shaping tomorrow’s water company. 

Climate goals and new resource efficient WWTP

Our 2025 strategy is based on the city of Aarhus and the potential of the city and the region. We have an ambitious climate plan to become CO2 neutral by 2030. We have already succeeded in reducing CO2 by 68 % percent in relation to 1990 levels. Furthermore, the city of Aarhus is growing and thus the plans for a new waste water treatment plant - Aarhus ReWater are in progress. 

To see more about our business strategy please visit our Business Plan 2024.


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We organise ourselves across disciplines through working communities 

By organising across disciplines and breaking down silos, we want to ensure stronger cohesion between strategy, project and operations.  We will increase employee engagement and ensure that decisions are made by those closest to the task and challenges. Finally, we believe it creates a more authentic and even more meaningful culture, as employees in coworking communities are motivated to bring their whole personality to work.