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International partnerships and cooperations ensuring knowledge transfer supports our vision of creating health through the supply of clean water.

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International partnerships

Globalisation is an important focus area for Aarhus Vand. Our purpose is to spread national solutions to the world and bring new knowledge back home. Global partnerships ensures knowledge transfer and supports our vision of creating health through the supply of clean water. Through innovation and cooperation with utilities from all over the world we can create the best climate-neutral solutions for the people and the planet.
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Strategic sector cooperation in Ghana, South Africa and India

Since 2017 Aarhus Vand has been engaged in strategic sector cooperation together with Aarhus Municipality. The ultimate goal is to give equal access to water, improve the environment and health for the people of Ghana, South Africa and India. Aarhus Vand contribute with knowledge on reduction of non-revenue water, wastewater management, stormwater management, waste to energy and protection of water resources.
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Building the resource plant of the future

Aarhus ReWater is a new and groundbreaking way to treat wastewater. The vision is to create the world's most resource-efficient treatment plant.

The goal is to convert wastewater into energy and products, which is why we also call it a resource facility. Eventually, we should be able to extract products that can be further processed into high-value items such as proteins and biopolymers.

Aarhus ReWater
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Danish partnerships with international outreach

Denmark is a world-class leader in water solutions. With a position as a frontrunner we believe that there is also an obligation to propagate Danish knowhow internationally.
Therefore, we participate in national initiatives with the purpose of creating awareness of Danish water solutions and the Danish water model beyond our own borders.
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Joint ventures

A central part of Aarhus Vand’s strategy is business creation. We do this in order to succeed in creating new and innovative business opportunities and solutions. All while focusing on achieving our vision to create health through clean water – for the people and the planet.
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