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We work with climate, groundwater, energy optimization and smart cities. Feel free to be inspired.

Nye Bolig

Nye - alternative water supply saves ground water resources

In the newly constructed district Nye, which is a suburb of the city of Aarhus, rainwater is used for toilet flushing and laundry. This solution could be a vital part in the development of new sustainable districts throughout the world.

We take the rainwater, which is collected in a lake that has been built and clean it at the treatment plant. The water is then sent out into the homes via a separate pipe system that has been developed for this purpose.
Drypsensor Textvisual Aarhusvand

Dryp - data turned into sustainable solutions

Dryp is a water tech startup company bringing new data-driven, digital solutions to the water sector by collecting, integrating and analyzing data from water circulation systems - especially in the field of handling rain- and wastewater.

The solution can help prevent overflow from sewers and will save the water supply companies millions to operations and maintenance of wastewater treatment as well as ensure a cleaner water environment.
Bæredygtig Innovation

Groundwater parks for better protection of the ground water resource

Our tap water is collected from our ground water resources and it is essential that we take care of these resources before they run out.

To secure our ground water resources, ground water parks where pesticides cannot be used are etsbalished. We will be planting trees and ensuring a recreational nature that is both climate and environmentally friendly. Together with Aarhus Municipality and The Danish Nature Agency we have already built new nature spaces in Solbjerg, Åbo, True, and Geding.