About us

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Who is Aarhus Vand?

Aarhus Vand is a Danish public limited company owned by Aarhus Municipality. We operate throughout the entire water cycle, creating a climate-adapted, sound environment, growth and export, all of which will be of benefit to customers and stakeholders.

Our activities comprise rainwater disposal - including climate adaptation projects, the production and distribution of drinking water, the transportation and purification of wastewater, the emptying of private holding tanks as well as safeguarding a balanced and healthy water cycle.
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Health through clean water - for the population and the planet

Through our vision, we strive to contribute to the global agenda of sustainability and to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. We want to gather water utilities around the world to suppor this agenda too.

Sustainable Development Goals
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Business plan

On november 1, 2023, Karina Topp took the helm as the new CEO of Aarhus Vand. As part og her appointment, she has outlined three ambitions for Aarhus Vand. The first is, that she wants Aarhus Vand to be a sustainable and climate-neutral water company. Next, it must be a company that continues to grow and last but not least, an attractive place to work. Read more about the plans for 2024 in our Business plan.

Experience our work first-hand

Why not go on a tour and discover Aarhus Vand’s intelligent, sustainable and efficient water solutions? We organise tours to our facilities with an opportunity to experience Danish water technologies and solutions first-hand. We invite businesses, professionals, politicians and the media from all over the world to come and take a closer look at our solutions in water and wastewater management.

Mayor of Aarhus, Jacob Bundsgaard, talks about developing Danish water tech

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On this page, you can find different publications such as our business plan, strategies and white papers.