Published: 02. Jan 2023

Our international objectives

Danish companies and organisations are at the forefront of green technology and knowhow. This site is your gateway to the water solutions that we at Aarhus Vand stand for - and we welcome you.

Our goal: Export and attractive jobs

There are several good reasons why we as a utility company want to look beyond our borders and participate in international missions. We want to support the export potential of Danish water technology in close cooperation with Danish export companies and companies working with the promotion of exports. Our role includes providing know-how and making our demonstration plants available.

An international dimension makes our company more attractive as a workplace. In addition, we acquire new knowledge through our international activities that helps optimise and develop our processes and procedures, thus improving Aarhus Vand.

Aarhus Vand's international objective is to perform the role of water ambassador, water innovator and water supplier in collaboration with others. This will further export of Danish water technology, new knowledge, products and processes.

Read more about the three roles here.

Our focus areas

  • To anchor the collaboration on development and innovation in the United States and Singapore
  • To provide services such as education and training in Zambia, for instance
  • To exchange experience with international supply companies
  • To take part in international knowledge exchange through DWF, IWA and WEF


Please contact us for further information about our solutions and projects. Or if you would like to inquire about possibilities for project collaboration.

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Flemming Fogh Pedersen

Director, Globalisation