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Aarhus Vand joins innovative collaboration with Californian utility

The signing of a new collaboration agreement solidifies a shared commitment to addressing the world's most pressing water challenges.
25. Jan 2024
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Net-zero partnership - Melbourne Water & Severn Trent

Aarhus Vand (Denmark), Melbourne Water (Australia), and Severn Trent (UK) form a partnership to advance the future of environmentally friendly wastewater treatment. Partners will collaborate on developing technologies to reduce the carbon footprint of wastewater treatment sites to net-zero, sharing existing expertise, and establishing new international standards for measuring and reporting emissions.
20. Sep 2022

Aarhus Vand enters into cooperation with Portuguese water company

Aarhus Vand has just signed a cooperation agreement with the Portuguese water company Águas do Tejo Atlântico. The collaboration must support the development and dissemination of sustainable solutions in the water area through knowledge sharing, training and exchange of employees.
29. Mar 2022

Aarhus Rewater: Digitally mapping the resource recovery plant of the future

The intention with Aarhus ReWater is to make the world's most resource efficient wastewater treatment plant.
22. Oct 2020
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Aarhus Vand goes all in on the UN's Global Goals

Aarhus Vand is taking sustainability to the next step and becomes the first water company in the world to be certified according to the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development.
08. Sep 2020

Utilizing the Potential of Wastewater: From Energy Consumer to Energy Producer

Aarhus Vand have been working strategically to develop energy neutral utilities for decades. It all started with a challenge to save energy and become more efficient, and now, after years of continuous work, we're able to announce, that already now the GHG emissions are 77% lower than in 2008.
24. Jul 2020

Henning Larsen to design the world's most efficient wastewater treatment plant

The architectural firm Henning Larsen has been selected by Aarhus Vand to design Aarhus Rewater, a cutting-edge wastewater treatment plant and urban landmark. Henning Larsen, along with team members Klinges Tegnestue, Topotek 1, and artist Eva Koch, will lead the project.
18. Jun 2020
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Rainwater for washing machines and toilets cut water consumption by 40 %

Up to 10,000 households’ washing machines and toilets will soon use rainwater instead of drinking water in the Aarhus area. This is estimated to cut water consumption by as much as 40 %.
27. May 2020

Water companies develop joint data platform

Aarhus Vand and VandCenter Syd are developing a joint data platform together with software company Systematic. The platform will be used to gather data from across the water sector and to pave the way for the further development of a digital water sector.
20. Apr 2020