Published: 24. Jul 2020

Cost-efficient capacity expansion of Viby wastewater treatment plant


Aarhus Vand had planned to increase the capacity of Viby wastewater treatment plant in order to ensure stable and efficient treatment performance.

Due to the WWTP’s expected short lifetime (10–15 years), a cost-efficient capacity expansion should be achieved with minimum infrastructure interventions. The proposed solution is now implemented in full-scale operation at the WWTP with considerable improvements in operational stability.

In partnership with NIRAS, TechRas Miljø, EssDe and DHI we now have a solution relying on the optimisation of existing processes to achieve the desired increased capacity while minimising capital expenditures.

The result is:

  • 33% capacity expansion achieved through process optimisation and minimum infrastructure changes.
  • Improved process stability under high influent loading conditions.
  • Less than EUR 2 million invested in implementation of the capacity expansion.
The expansion of Viby WWTP during 2019-2020 has ensured improvements in effluent quality during peak loads and in the sludge quality. These outcomes have been achieved through a very constructive collaboration between the partners who provided the right solutions to achieve the desired end result.
- Flemming B. Moeller, Project Manager at Aarhus Vand