Published: 26. Jun 2023

Education in detection of leaks on water pipes in Ghana has paid off

Ghana Lækagesøgning Juni2023
Leak detection by using flow meter at night i Tema, Ghana

Through cooperation with Aarhus Vand, operators from Ghana Water are now able to educate eachother in leak detection and are able to find leaks with basic and advanced equipment.

Efforts to improve detection of leaks on water pipes in Ghana through education of operators has paid off.

Experts from Aarhus Vand on leak detection and repairs went to Ghana for the third time last week to follow up on their cooperation with Ghana Water. Water loss poses a major challenge to the water distributor. Thus, Aarhus Vand has in a pilot area in the city of Tema, educated operators on how to detect leaks through a cooperation over the past five years.

Employees have enough knowledge to educate themselves now

During a visit in June 2023, employees at Ghana Water showed that they are now able to teach their own colleagues how to use leak detection equipment and the importance of this. They also demonstrated how to perform advanced leakage search with a flow meter. The search for leaks is often more efficient during night where the consumption of water is lowest - explaining the darkness in the pictures. Another team from Aarhus Vand gave advice on how to perform leak repairs of a durable quality. Leak repairs and where to prioritize pipe replacement will gain further attention in a second phase of the cooperation with Ghana Water at the turn of the year.


A great thanks to Aarhus Kommune for the cooperation in this project and to Danida for funding.