Published: 16. Nov 2022

Strategic Cooperation between Investo Capital and Aarhus Vand


Investo Capital and Aarhus Vand has recently entered into a strategic cooperation in order to ensure growth within competitive companies, originating from a knowledge intensive and professionalized innovative environment around Aarhus Vand.

The fact that Aarhus Vand engages in the development of young companies with a technological background and focus on sustainable solutions, matches Investo Capital perfectly. Through the cooperation with Aarhus Vand, Investo Capital is able to help companies scale and become internationally successful through further development of unique technologies, enabling future savings and more sustainable solutions.

This agreement will further facilitate the support to bring young water tech companies forward with their sustainable solutions. The exciting solutions which Aarhus Water has assisted developing, include, among other things, sensors in drainage systems, sustainable technology for the removal of hydrogen sulfide and drone-based scanning of sewage- and rainwater reservoirs.

Investo Capital previously in 2022 invested in the company Dryp. Dryp is a water tech startup company, which, among others, also originates from Aarhus Vand, bringing new data-driven, digital solutions to the water sector by collecting, integrating and analyzing data from water circulation systems - especially in the field of handling rain- and wastewater.

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As an active investor, Investo looks forward to contributing to the commercialization of new technology within the water circulation, which is the focus areas of Aarhus Water. Jointly, we will be able to improve the development of new solutions within water circulation even more. This area is incredibly relevant, and as citizens, our future access to water quite simply depends on new, matured and marketed technology, Henrik Lundum, CEO of Investo Capital, states.

At Aarhus Vand, we see Investo Capital as a very visionary investor in startup companies with innovative technology. The company is part of an active, joint process in developing companies in order to create business, which can be scaled internationally. At Aarhus Vand, we look forward to a close cooperation with Investo Capital re. young water tech companies, as we are able to gain access to resources, skills and capital through this partnership, says Mads Bayer, CFO Aarhus Vand.

The cooperation between Aarhus Water and Investo Capital has great potential in terms of the development of a sustainable future within the water sector. Aarhus Water has extensive knowledge and competence within water circulation and, in addition to this, a significant focus on innovation and partnerships. Aarhus Water is part of Water Valley Denmark, which unifies the development and innovation of sustainable and more efficient water solutions within the industry, including several, large and experienced players. In this context, it is very valuable to cooperate with a partner as Investo Capital, which works on the link between technology, the end user and the development of young companies to exploit their full potential as internationally recognized companies, says Flemming Besenbacher, chairman of the board, Aarhus Vand. 

Mads Bayer

Mads Bayer

Chief Financial Officer at Aarhus Vand

+45 8947 1110
Henrik Lundum

Henrik Lundum

CEO at Investo Capital

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