Published: 07. Jun 2023

Water challenges of the future were discussed at the Green Impact Week

Water Cyc Første
Karsten Lumbye, Chief Innovation Officer, Aarhus Vand welcomes participants and introduces the challenges of water shortage and water treatment to be discussed.

Aarhus Vand opened its doors 1st of June to Green Impact Week with the aim to gather a diverse crowd of researchers, investors and water professionals discussing water challenges of the future.

The green agenda was addressed on the 1st of June everywhere in Europe as Green Impact Week kicked off. Aarhus Vand hosted the Danish contribution within the water sector and opened its doors to Water Impact Aarhus. The purpose of the event was for different players to gather, discuss challenges within water distribution, usage and treatment and perhaps gain new perspectives or ideas for innovation.  

Sussi Bianco Nielsen, facilitator of Water Impact Aarhus says:

When society faces new challenges such as the need for CO2 neutrality – we need to break out of business- as- usual.

In her opinion the dialogue between people that usually would not meet at eg. sector events are essential and exactly the DNA of the impact week concept which is the founding of unusual partnerships.

Thus, both startups, academia, researchers, investors, large water companies and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs joined the event at Aarhus Vand.

- It was a good and broad audience indicating that focus and interest in water lies within many parts of our landscape. And this is new, says Karsten Lumbye, Chief Innovation Officer, Aarhus Vand.

A new platform for cooperation within the water industry was tested

One of the tasks for the participants was to test a beta-version of a new platform enabling co-creation between water companies and others that desire to upload challenges and gain different perspectives to a solution. The platform is called “Water Cycle Denmark” and will be launched in August 2023.

- Participants gave us creative and constructive input enabling us to identify improvement opportunities which we can implement in the first version, says Karsten Lumbye.

After a session of discussing incoming challenges with eg. the monitoring of sewer systems or how we can reduce drinking water consumption, a pitching session followed.

Water Cyc Andet
Finn Gregersen pitching his company, E-CIP.

- I pitched my company producing water and cost saving processing plants for the food industry. Afterwards, I had a very good discussion with the other participants on the issue with the price of water which can be an obstacle for the incentive to save water, says Finn Gregersen, founder of E-CIP.

A diverse crowd participated, and this was a strength

In between workshops, there was also time for networking where people were encouraged to talk to persons whom they did not know.

- People were very engaging and curious. My feeling was that many participants were happy to meet people from different industries. One even said to me that the reason for joining was the diversity of the crowd at the Water Impact Aarhus event, says event organizer, Sussi Bianco, GUIDEN / Green Impact Week.

A panel debate wrapped up the day. And discussions on how to collaborate in shaping the future of water technology ended the meeting with good intentions for eg. young water professionals to be a promoter of ensuring cross-sectoral cooperation.

A great thanks to Green Impact Week and the Spring for ensuring a rich and interesting programme. Also a thanks to CLEAN and Water Valley for supporting the establishment of the event.