Danish partnerships with international outreach

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Bringing Danish knowhow to the world

Denmark is a world-class leader in water solutions. With a position as a frontrunner we believe that there is also an obligation to propagate Danish knowhow internationally.

Therefore, we participate in national initiatives with the purpose of creating awareness of Danish water solutions and the Danish water model beyond our own borders.

Water Valley Denmark, AAV

Water Valley Denmark

Water Valley Denmark is a national unifying initiative driving the development and innovation of solutions within the Danish water industry for the worldwide benefit of solving water challenges.

Aarhus Vand has supported this initiative which should enhance export of Danish water solutions through innovation and technology development.
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3VAND consists of the water utilities HOFOR, BIOFOS, Aarhus Vand and Vand Center Syd Denmark from the three largest cities in Denmark. We work together in a close, strategic, collaborative partnership.

3VAND is your utility partner when discovering Danish water solutions. We are owners, users, frontrunners, and initiators in the development of state-of-the-art solutions within wastewater treatment and drinking water production.