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We pave the way for developing new sustainable products

A central part of Aarhus Vand’s strategy is business creation. We do this in order to succeed in creating new and innovative business opportunities and solutions. All while focusing on achieving our vision to create health through clean water – for the people and the planet.

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New venture strategy to ensure good investments

We invite both private businesses and the remaining public utility industry to cooperate with us. In the latest years, Aarhus Vand has invested in venture companies where the scope is that we are allowed to own 40 % of a private business created together with private partners.

As a result of the investment in these companies, we have developed a Utility Venture Strategy. It is to ensure that we invest right and that we have the correct portfolio composition.

Karsten Lumbye about Aarhus Vand's 2023 regarding joint ventures

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Dryp - making complicated water data easy to use

Born by our rising need to be able to quickly get more and better data, Dryp delivers data which enables an intelligent handling of the water circuit.

With Dryp, we have created a flexible and intuitive platform, which makes it easy to expose measuring data and analyse them at home at one’s office. Dryp’s platform gives a good overlook over our installed sensors and which readings they make. Also, the platform offers many opportunities in connection with retrieving data or putting the measuring data in connection with other sensors, that Aarhus Vand does not have on the platform.
Zediment Regnvandsbassin

Zediment - efficient studies of reservoirs

With a rising pressure on wastewater facilities, utilities need to be able to optimise their operations and capacity. Zediment is developed together with EIVA in order to offer advanced and cost-efficient sedimentation studies of treatment plants and storm water reservoirs.

The mission is to make water companies capable of optimising their business through knowledge about their actual, accessible capacity in order for them to adapt their operations based on precise, comparable, and traceable data.
Sulfinizer Skaller

Sulfinizer - sustainable removal of hydrogen sulphide

The country’s water companies are fighting the rising hydrogen sulphide troubles in the sewer systems, which also gives a bad smell. Therefore, EnviDan and Aarhus Vand has cooperated in the making of the company Sulfinizer, where they have developed a sustainable filter with shells that fixes the problem without the use of chemicals.
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Utilizero - reducing carbon emissions and energy usage

Utilizero is a partnership between Aarhus Vand and DHI. The company has been established to help utilities reduce carbon emissions and energy usage at wastewater treatment facilities from the solid experiences and solutions for automated process management, we have here in Denmark.


Are you our new business partner?

Do you have a specific business idea you would like to test out or need knowledge to further develop? Are you lacking capacity for testing, or are you a student or a start-up with a whet appetite to go further with your project?

Then, Aarhus Vand has some of the country’s best experts within the entire water circuit and has sustainability and climate adaptation very close to the body.
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Karsten Lumbye Jensen

Chief Innovation Officer

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Line Dybdahl Poulsen

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