Water ambassador

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Aarhus Vand as an ambassador

As a water ambassador, Aarhus Vand help enable the export of Danish water technology and products through collaborations like Water Technology Alliances in the US, Europe and Middle East. Water and wastewater are increasanly becoming a global issue, and therefore it is important to share our water technogly solutions.

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Water Technology Alliance (WTA)

The WTA collabrotion plays a central role in Aarhus Vands role as a water ambassador. With the Danish outreach program we are providing specialized know-how on innovative water technology solutions.

The Alliance is a part of The Trade Council at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, and the partners include public Danish water utilities, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and leading technology and service providers.
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Strategic Sector Cooperations

Together with Aarhus Municipality, Aarhus Vand take part in three Strategic Sector Cooperations - in Udaipur in India, Tshwane in South Africa and in Tema, Ghana. Through these cooperations we share our knowledge and expertise to contribute to sustainable development in areas that have major challenges with water management.


3VAND serves as a waterambassador by presenting and showcasing water and wastewater facilities and creating networks abroad with focus on the Danish watermodel to promote the export of Danish water technology.

The goal is to create an international knowledge and innovation network to the benefit of our clients by delivering better quality of services and to support and contribute to higher export of Danish water technology.