Published: 07. Sep 2021

Leakinator - making leakage search more efficient

Karl Aage X Leakinator

At Aarhus Vand, one of our primary focuses is on developing new and innovative solutions to improve the sustainability and efficiency of the water sector.

One of our water supply operators, Karl Aage Isaksen, came up with an idea on how to improve the search for leakages in water pipelines. This resulted in a tool called ‘the Leakinator’.

In short, the Leakinator is a transportable trailer connected to a computer and a water tank. The computer is at the front of the trailer and a large water tank with the capacity of 1000 litres is at the back of the trailer.

The Leakinator increases the efficiency of leakage search by 80% and it is easily operated with just a smartphone.

How does it work?

The Leakinator replaces the water supply in the area, where there is a suspected leakage. By closing the public water supply and letting the Leakinator take over, it allows us to see more details about the water supply in the specific area. When the Leakinator has taken over the supply, the computer shows how much water is being used in the area. The usage is shown on a graph on the computer, and it should be at zero for at least a few seconds during the period, where the Leakinator is the only water supply. If this is not the case, then the Leakinator has detected a leakage in the area.

By using this method of searching for leakages, it saves a lot of time and work, because the Leakinator can both detect and rule out leakages in the area within just a few minutes. Thereby, it is a quick method to figure out exactly on which street the leakage is and so, the reparation can begin faster, which ultimately helps to save water and ensure that the water is used optimally.

Not only are we, at Aarhus Vand, extremely satisfied with the Leakinator and believe that it is providing the best possible service of the water distribution system, but we also have support from our customers.

It is a good and reliable service and the employees at Aarhus Vand is extremely well-prepared, which is crucial for the process, when the Leakinator begins the work. We are considering having the Leakinator as a permanent part of our service plan.

You get a more clear insight into the bigger picture: how many litres of water are you losing overall and which leakages has the biggest expense. This way, you can quickly calculate where it makes most sense to start repairing the leakages.”

A bonus is that you at the same time get the valves exercised, your fire hydrants tested and, generally, you get around the entire system.
- Thomas Børgesen, Gedved water utility

The Leakinator not only saves time and work; it also keeps our customers happy. And, as an extra bonus, it helps us take care of our groundwater and keep the water loss at a minimum.