Published: 14. Apr 2021

Planting trees to protect groundwater ressources

Landbrug Grundvandsbeskyttelse

We get our tap water from our ground water resources and, therefore, it is essential that we take care of these resources before they run out. At Aarhus Vand, we are doing everything we can to ensure that our resources will last for many decades to come.

Ground water parks

We strive to secure our ground water resources by establishing ground water parks where pesticides cannot be used. The ground water parks will be established in the areas in Aarhus where the ground water is made. We will be planting trees and ensuring a recreational nature that is both climate and environmentally friendly. Together with Aarhus Municipality and The Danish Nature Agency we have already built new nature spaces in Solbjerg, Åbo, True, and Geding. In addition, a new agreement of afforestation of 550 hectares in Sabro, Mundelstrup, Borum, and Solbjerg has also been made.

Aarhus Kommune has a goal of increasing the forest areas from 12 % to 17 % by 2030. The national goal is 25 % and to this comes wishes of other nature areas, which will have a significant, positive effect on the climate and the biodiversity.

By planting new trees, we make a lasting and secure protection of our ground water resources. It ensures that no contamination of the resources will happen in these areas. This helps us to protect the ground water and ensure, that we can deliver clean and healthy water to the citizens for many years to come.

Pesticide free gardens

As another way to protect our ground water resources, we at Aarhus Vand have also started a campaign in an attempt to get the citizens of Aarhus to stop using pesticides in their gardens as these will be washed down through the earth and contaminate our ground water. In Aarhus we live on top of our water resources and, therefore, it is especially important within the borders of the city to not use pesticides.

Protecting our groundwater is a collaboration with the private water works in Aarhus and is only costing each family around 60 DKK a year.