Published: 18. Apr 2019

Modern waterworks in Aarhus


Truelsbjerg Waterworks in the northern part of Aarhus sets new technological, architectural and operational standards for waterworks. It has started a trend in new design that has inspired several water utilities in Denmark.

Truelsbjerg Waterworks was established in 2014 and supplies 40,000 citizens in Aarhus with drinking water. The project for the innovative waterworks in Truelsbjerg was developed as a turnkey contract based on Aarhus Vand's ambitious vision for future waterworks.

Truelsbjerg Waterworks introduces a brand new design for storage tanks. As something completely new, the 2,000 cubic metres of clean water tanks are made of stainless steel - a transformation of a worn-out construction ready for demolishing, into a safe storage for drinking water combined with nice working environment. The building design and the actual construction work is done with great respect for the surrounding environment and landscape.

This future waterworks serves as a research and pilot waterworks, in which new technologies are tested. Therefore, the project focuses particularly on adaptable solutions, sustainability and flexibility in relation to supply structure and requirements on the quality of supplied water.

The multi-purpose design criteria combine:

  • Separation between building and process constructions
  • Pressurised treatment and storage - all the way from groundwater to tap
  • Oxygen production
  • Stainless steel storage tanks without direct contact to the ground
  • Self-cleaning sludge tanks minimising human contact to sludge
  • Automation - quality of the water supplied and energy consumption
  • Approach for research and testing on site

All installations and tanks are exposed for easy inspection and maintenance. The plant contains facilities for visitors, meeting rooms and a small laboratory, which means that it can be used as a test facility by companies and researchers. Energy consumption for lighting, heating, dehumidification and ventilation is to be  CO2 neutral.