Published: 23. Jun 2020

State of the art water production

Bederværket, Hero

The new and improved Bederværket is built as an integrated part of the surrounding areas. With this new facility, it is possible for the public to follow the way of the water – from groundwater to tap water.

The idea

The idea is to make the waterworks more visible open to the public with complete transparency of the process. It has big windows that lets the consumers follow the way of the water. Also, instead of making a new building and taking up space from the city park in Beder, the building has been made as an integrated part of this park. Pathways will be made that goes to the facility and we will also be planting trees and flowerbeds to make the place more attractive. The thought is that the new and improved Bederværket should be an asset in the local community and be an attractive place to stay. It is drawn by architectural firm, Cubo, from Aarhus and the look should give associations to the Viking Age.

The facility

The focus of the facility is on innovation and the creation of a flexible facility with minimal operational costs, but ultimate water safety. It is equipped with all the newest technology within the field of water production and lives up to the highest demands of drinking water safety.

There is zero contact between the building constructions and our drinking water, which eliminates all risks of infiltration of surface water. The water tanks are placed above ground, inside the building and are made of stainless steel. Lastly, the accessibility to the tanks is completely secure in order to be able to inspect the facility without compromising the drinking water safety.

The treatment of the water is under permanent pressure, eliminating impact from the surrounding environment. Also, oxygen is produced on-site, and the oxygenation of the water happens in newly developed oxygenation columns. Final, the collection tanks is made with angular sides and an automatic cleansing system so it can be handled without any manual lifting.

Bederværket is built after the same principles as our latest waterwork in Truelsbjerg in the Northern Aarhus. Here, we introduced a completely closed and secure production facility as the first utility in Denmark. At Bederværket we have developed the concept further and we have a big focus on innovation - among other things, to create a flexible waterwork with minimal operational costs combined with maximum drinking water safety.
- Flemming Fogh Pedersen, Project Chief within drinking water at Aarhus Vand

The numbers

Bederværket has 14 bored wells at three source sites and supplies around 40.000 consumers. It has 4 closed pressure filter plants with 3 separate production lines. The investment sum in total of this new facility is 67.7 million DKK and it is made in collaboration with Aarsleff A/S, CUBO arkitekter A/S, DRIAS A/S, and Vand & Teknik A/S.