Energy Optimization

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Energy producer

Many wastewater treatment plants both in Denmark and abroad needs to be transformed into energy producers. Through new technologies exploiting the potential of energy production in wastewater, this is possible. This is a huge milestone in the technological development of treatment plants, not only in Denmark, but throughout the world.

Aarhus Vand has transformed the treatment plant at Egaa through total renovation, which means that we are now setting new standards for turning treatment plants into energy producers. The goal at Egaa is to produce 50 percent more electricity than it consumes.
Bæredygtig Innovation

Green energy

In Aarhus, wastewater is no longer a waste product; it is a source of green energy. Marselisborg Wastewater Treatment Plant has been transformed to an energy producer, and as one of the first treatment plants in the world, it can produce as much as 150 - 160 percent energy based on normal household wastewater.

The wastewater treatment plant produces enough energy to cover 94 percent of all the energy used in the entire catchment area, from water production and water distribution to wastewater pumping and wastewater treatment.
Struvit Ressourcer Spildevand Medium

Valuable fertilizer

Recovering phosphorus has great potential. As the first plant to test the viability of renewable phosphate production in Denmark, Aaby wastewater treatment plant can now extract 60 percent of the amount of phosphorus in the wastewater. If similar systems were established at the 50 largest plants in Denmark, the country would be more or less self-sufficient in phosphorus. As phosphate is a finite resource, this a huge step for sustainability within the water sector.

Extracting phosphor from the wastewater is a sustainable way to valuable fertilizer. An official approval of the product as commercial fertilizer has been obtained for the struvite produced at both plants under the name PhosphorCare.

Race towards zero carbon emissions