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Aarhus Vand as an innovator

As a water innovator, we help create innovation and development across the world. Through knowledge sharing and participating in conferences, both nationally og internationally, the Danish water export can reach new heights.

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Innovation through business creation

A central part of Aarhus Vand’s strategy is business creation. We do this in order to succeed in creating new and innovative business opportunities and solutions. All while focusing on achieving our vision to create health through clean water – for the people and the planet.
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Water Living Lab

Water Living Lab is an innovation environment, which provides the opportunity to test and demonstrate solutions within the drinking water distribution network.

In collaboration with Danish companies and knowledge institutions, the goal is to strengthen Danish and international water companies' ability to ensure high quality drinking water, reduce water loss and energy consumption and reduce climate and environmental impacts.
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Aarhus Vand has an ambition to be a digital rolemodel and trendsetter for the water industry. We work with 8 digital principles, that require us to work in a structured manner with formalized roles, responsibility for business-critical data and in partnerships. Our goal is to prepare for the future to benefit both our colleagues, collaboration partners and customers.
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New epicentre of the Danish Water Sector

Water Valley Denmark is a part of The Spring, a new area in Aarhus, which is intended to be the epicentre of the Danish Water Sector. It is expected to be the home of up to 100 businesses and knowledge institutions with more than 3000 job positions.

Water Walley's purpose is to be an alliance in the water industry between Danish and international players in the fields of science and research institutes as well as start-ups and global supply companies.

Water Valley Denmark

Collaboration and knowledge sharing can increase the level of innovation