Water supplier


Aarhus Vand as a water supplier

We serve as a water supplier by supplying the entire city of Aarhus with clean drinking water as well as handling the wastewater. Our mission is to create health through clean water - for the people and the planet, where our most important consumers are the citizens of Aarhus.

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Our history

Our history started at the well at Store Torv in Aarhus, where the city's water source was contaminated with wastewater, which caused a deadly cholera outbreak. The catastrophe became the occasion to establish Aarhus Water Utility in 1872, which has made the path for securing the opportunity of a healthy life.

Ever since, we have been forming a sustainable water cycle in Aarhus, which today is an inspiration on an international scale. With the water cycle in the centre, we are rethinking the way where the potential in water can be realised for the benefit of the climate and for the joy of us all.
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Securing clean drinking water

Our most important job as a utility is securing clean drinking water for our consumers. We do this through innovation and improvement within the processing cycle. All of our waterworks is based on a simple treatment, namely oxygenation and filtration.

Through a simple water treatment and an advanced management of the facilities, we ensure a stabile supply of drinking water, which is of the highest quality. We have improved some of our facilities with the newest knowledge and technology within drinking water safety, which not only improves the hygiene, but also ensures that the citizens will never be without water.
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Benefits of wastewater

Ensuring a healthy water environment is not our only task within wastewater treatment. As sustainability is a part of our DNA, we work with it in all our processes - therefore, we have made it possible to turn wastewater into green energy and, thereby, reducing our environmental impact.

This project will be further developed at the new WWTP, Aarhus ReWater, where focus is on making it a sustainable plant. However, technology and requirements are constantly changing, so our job is to build a plant that meets the existing demands and is still able to adapt and make us wiser in the future.

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